What Is a PCR Test?

A PCR test is a nucleic acid test that’s used to tell you if you currently have COVID-19.

Many countries now require a negative PCR swab test result with confirmation that you’re fit to fly to allow you into the country.

Our Fit to Fly Certificates are validated with an embedded QR code and this enables you to travel with peace of mind.

We offer a bespoke service for you, and open even on Sundays when needed.Please contact me directly at Bernadette.brown@cadhampharmacy.com or text me on 07956978703.

How much does the COVID-19 tests cost?

The price for a single test is now reduced from £200 to £175 .

This includes your swab test being analysed with our state of the art Vivalytic Analyser and your Fit to Fly Certificate with QR code embedded so that this can be scanned and your certificate is electronically available from our website.


How much do these tests cost for families travelling?

We are delighted too offer you a family discount and so if there are 3 of more travellers the cost for

SAME DAY PCR Fit to Fly Certificates is now £145 each.


This video shows the technology we use at Cadham Pharmacy to analyse your Throat and nose swab samples