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Cadham Pharmacy has an award winning Asthma Clinic in Glenrothes. Our Pharmacists have years of experience in supporting patients with asthma. We are passionate about helping you understand how to manage your condition. Take control of asthma and your health with our NHS support and private FeNo testing.


What is asthma?


Asthma is a common lung condition affecting your lungs. Asthma can cause your airways to become irritated and swollen and this can affect how well you can breathe.
The causes of asthma are not fully understood. But asthma symptoms can be made worse many triggers such as household dust or cleaning products, pet dander or air pollutants.
There is no cure for asthma. However, there are several treatments as well as simple advice on how to manage this long term condition.


What are the symptoms of asthma?


For most people with asthma, symptoms are occasional. That means you do not experience them all the time. However, when asthma flares up, the main symptoms of asthma are:

– Shortness of breath
– Wheezing
– Coughing
– Tightness in your chest



What are common triggers for asthma?


The common triggers for asthma are things you can breathe in such as:

– Air pollution such as pollutants from car exhausts.
– Pet dander (hair, fur or skin cells)
– Dust mites, mould or damp
– Pollen
– Household cleaning products
– Cigarette smoke

However, some people may find their symptoms get worse when they are unwell, during the winter, when they exercise or that their asthma is affected by the weather.


What is an asthma attack?


An asthma attack is a severe bout of asthma where someone’s normal medication is not as effective.
Signs you are having an asthma attack include:

– Your symptoms are getting worse
– Your blue inhaler is not helping
– You are struggling to talk, eat or sleep
– Your breathing is getting faster
– You feel like you cannot ‘catch your breath’


Having an asthma attack means you may need emergency asthma treatment. If you are experiencing any of the above sit upright and keep taking your blue inhaler.

If you don’t feel better within 10 puffs of your blue inhaler call 999 for ask for an ambulance.

Even if you start to feel better and don’t need to call an ambulance, it’s still important that you seek medical attention. Call your GP for an emergency same-day appointment or attend an urgent care clinic.

Please remember, if you are taking your prescribed asthma medication, your chances of having an asthma attack are greatly reduced.


What are the best treatments for asthma?


The main treatment for asthma are inhalers:

– Reliever Inhalers
– Reliever inhalers deliver a dose of medication that help relax the muscles in your airways. As the muscles relax, it becomes easier to breathe.
– Ventolin is a brand of reliever inhaler available on our online prescriptions service.
– Reliever inhalers may be the only treatment needed for people with mild asthma. However, most people with asthma will also have a preventer inhaler.
– Preventer Inhalers

You take preventer inhalers daily to prevent your airways from becoming inflamed. By using a preventer inhaler, you may find that you need to use your reliever inhaler less often.

Other treatments for more severe cases of asthma include tablets, injections and surgery.


How else can I manage my asthma?


For most people, asthma is a very manageable condition. You can help to manage your asthma by:

– Taking your medications as directed
– Always having your blue inhaler with you
– Not smoking
– Taking regular exercise
– Eating healthily
– Having the annual flu vaccination
– Having regular check-ups with your GP or asthma nurse


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