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Healthy Holidays Abroad

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Are you about to venture to a wonderful faraway destination? Getting ready to set off on your spiritual journey to Mecca for Hajj and Umrah? Going on a business conference to a more exotic country?

Our experts at Cadham Pharmacy Health Centre will do a risk assessment for your health and advise you based on your previous vaccination history the most appropriate vaccinations or medication you will need to keep you healthy abroad.

Cadham Pharmacy Travel clinic Glenrothes in Fife.

Our pharmacists at Cadham Pharmacy have been vaccinating for many years with a wealth of experience to support you in your decisions to get protected before travelling abroad.. Our comprehensive risk assessment and questionnaire is available as an online questionnaire. We would advise you to complete this online prior to your appointment and this will ensure we can give you the most professional service and care with all the relevant information to make an informed choice for your health and wellbeing abroad.

To access this please click and this takes you to the page .

Click This link to start the consultation and it guides you through the safety questions and vaccination history. We advise that before you complete this to get your vaccination history from your GP to make this a bit easier. Of course we can do this with you in clinic and allows you time at home to fill in what you can before coming to meet our travel consultants face to face.

At the end of the online consultation part you will be given a consultation code with a message "Take this code to the pharmacist so they can find your consultation." We can then enter this code when we see you face to face and begin the full risk assessment. The good thing about doing this online we believe is that you then can access your personalised online record with our clinic anywhere the world.

We are open from 9am until 6pm Mon - Fri and 9am to 5pm every day so if you want to talk to us about your travel plans, you can give us a call on 01592 743639

* Please note that vaccines are not 100% effective (like all vaccines) at preventing disease. Please have a look at this article for best practice methods for disease prevention and consult your pharmacist for more information if you need to.

Vaccinations for all the family

Why are travel vaccines important?

Worldwide there are some countries where you may be exposed to viruses and bacteria that your body does not have immunity against. Some examples are , Japanese Encephalitis and Yellow Fever which can make you very unwell. If appropriate we will advise you on which vaccination(s) you need based on your previous vaccination history before you travel so that you will be protected against them. Some of these diseases are often very serious and in some cases, can lead to death.

How do travel vaccines work?

There are many different travel vaccines that protect you against a variety of diseases but they all work in pretty much the same way. Your immune system response to the vaccines and your body produces anti bodies so that you will fight off a specific infection.

It is ideal to get vaccinated at least 4 weeks (sometimes more for others such as the Rabies vaccine) as you may require more than one injection to get the necessary protection.

How long do travel vaccines last for?

This article from the Tropical Medical Bureau gives you a guide.

What travel vaccines do I need?

The NHS Fit For Travel website is also a good reference point. At Cadham we will do all of this for you and take the hassle out of holiday planning. the best way to gat a face to face appointment is to

1)Book online so that our healthcare experts can give you dedicated time in our Private and confidential treatment room.

2) Walk in and ask reception to book you to see one of our travel Pharmacists trained to offer this professional care.

Malaria from Mosquitoes

What is Malaria and how do I prevent it?

Malaria can sometimes be fatal and is. Avery serious disease to catch whilst on holiday abroad.T

Watch this short video telling you more about this life threatening disease and malaria prevention:

Our Prices are affordable and you can pay by card to keep the process easy and convenient. We offer FREE consultations and only charge if you require vaccinations or anti-malarial tablets.

We offer other products to support you in bite prevention and we offer the award winning Eucerin Range of pharmaceutical sincere products only stocked in Pharmacies for sun protection of burns and prickly heat.

As a Pharmacy we also offer essential medicines to take abroad to keep you and your family safe and well and treat minor illness whilst away.

Wishing you Happy Healthy Holidays



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