NHS Minor Ailments Service at Cadham Pharmacy Health Centre

Cadham Pharmacy Health Centre in Glenrothes Fife is committed to working with all our NHS partners to providing an excellent service to the public we serve for the National NHS Minor Ailments Service.

We offer A WALK IN CLINIC or BOOK ONLINE here at https://cahampharmacy.simplybook.it/v2/#book

The Right Medicine made a commitment to introduce schemes to allow patients to use the pharmacy of their choice as the first port of call for the treatment of common illnesses on the NHS. Following the completion of a service in two pilot areas the service was rolled out nationwide in July 2006.

The service aims to:

Improve access for patients to medicines

Promote care through the community pharmacy setting

Transfer care from GPs and nurses to pharmacists where it is appropriate

Help address health inequalities

Assist the primary care team to achieve their 48 hour access commitment

We have a multi cultural society and I have downloads all the Minor Ailments leaflets for you to read on my website at https://www.cadhampharmacy.com/copy-of-nhs-services-2

When our pharmacist decides that it is necessary to provide treatment, they will generate a prescription electronically which will then be printed out on form CP2. The paper form is necessary to capture the patient’s declaration that they remain exempt from prescription charges.

We are hoping that next year this service will be available to every member of our families in Glenrothes.

If you are not eligible we still offer you the FREE Consultation and can guide you on your treatment options.

Thank you for choosing Pharmacy First and we strive to provide you with high quality advice and care. Our Pharmacists have all gone on additional training and both Maree and Kara have achieved clinical diplomas with distinction and as you can imagine I am very proud of both of them.


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Superintendent Pharmacist: Bernadette Brown