Minor Illness Prescribing Clinics - 18 Months on...

We have now been operating for 18 months our Enhanced IP clinics with Integration with our Nurse Margaret with 35 years triage experience in acute care and our pharmacist IP Berni.

In that time we have been training up our young Pharmacists Maree and Kara and our Pre Reg Zia.

They have been learning assessment skills such as Ear examinations using an Otoscope, Chest Examinations and Chest sounds, Urinalysis , CRP, Strep A throat swab, HBA1C, Full lipid profile, FeNO (Inflammation Asthma) ,Inhaler technique,Peak flow, Oxygen saturations using Oximeter, Manual and digital Blood Pressure Measurements to name a few.

It is through our booking system and SBAR communication tools that we can audit easily and we are now seeing consistently every month between 50-60 people requiring some of the above assessments and diagnostic testing to aid our consultations and prescribe appropriately. Average of 300 Minor Ailments consultations covered by the National scheme.

I was delighted yesterday when the Practice Manager of one of out main GP practices was very positive and said especially in the last 6 months the practice has noticed a difference in the demand in their system.They are short of GPs and so we are providing a gap and need in our community working hand in hand as one primary care team sharing the people we serve.


The reviews as you can see range from minor illness to long term care travel and skincare NHS and private healthcare.

We are so grateful to NHS Fife and the whole team supporting Pharmacists in all the sectors and finding ways for us to train together and work together as one united team in Primary care either in GP practice or Community Pharmacy as IP clinicians.

We will keep you posted and hoping to get funding to get our findings, OUTCOMES FOR HEALTH published later this year and help others to see how important our integration and role is in the community pharmacy and how we can be part of the solution for our NHS together.

I am an optimist and will continue to believe that this is our future and the young Pharmacists becoming IP and further education with clinical diplomas and assessment skills will equip them to provide Pharmaceutical excellence wherever they work and give the opportunities to practice these skills daily.

I am bursting with pride for my young Pharmacists of today who are the future of tomorrow and cherish their support and willingness to learn and take this journey with me

I attended the BPSA National conference and again was met with young enthusiastic pharmacy students some of whom will be visiting  with us to get experience over the summer. Their sheer optimism lit up the room and shone a light on the future so I will do my bit to try and keep evidencing our health outcomes for people in our community.

I hope one day also to get READ/WRITE access to Emiss so that the GPs get real time updates on their journal screens. Maybe next year .


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