FIRST IN SCOTLAND 24 Hour Prescription Collection Point Cadham Pharmacy Health Centre


HUB AND SPOKE INNOVATIONS and have been wonderful in every aspect of the Project Management and Installation and their customer care is EXCEPTIONAL .


SAFETY FIRST We have researched this extensively and this offers a SAFE storage solution for us CONVENIENCE for those people who then have a choice of coming into the pharmacy or collecting just outside.

It is loaded using the unique NHS CHI number and therefore safer than healthcare assistants handing out and checking addresses. After hearing from the NPA recently about the tragic deaths after mix ups with handing out in pharmacies this also motivated me to research this option further.

EXCELLENT QUALITY HEALTHCARE The other main advantage is in RELEASING TIME for our highly trained dispensers as this is the entry level of staff now our Pharmacy Heath Centre. This means that they can train and develop their skills and not spend a lot of their day retrieving uncollected repeat prescriptions. The time means more time talking to people who are accessing our centre with minor illness enquiries or any health issues. The staff are trained to do the initial consultation and if a triage is necessary rather than self care advice our Pharmacists or Nurse then do a full assessment and triage.

CMS MEDICINES REVIEWS These reviews allow us to ensure people are

Prescribed the right Medicines for their long term health conditions Taking their medicines at the right time Taking their medicines in the right way

Our reviews have led to Quality of Life outcomes and people being able to do what is important to them with their hobbies , family and friends. They are leading more active and healthy lives and usually on fewer medicines.

We are hoping to publish our evidence and continue this work with our Young Pharmacists achieving distinction level in their clinical diplomas and will qualify as IP in summer. I am so proud of the younger generation embracing al the studying and shadowing other healthcare professionals and they are building their own portfolio of people they personally care for and have changed their lives. Hard work and dedication and I HOPE securing sustainability for our NHS PRIMARY CARE network having such skills readily available in the community pharmacy setting as well as the GP practices.


This is early days for us yet other pharmacies across Europe have been using this for years successfully and safely. So far the public are getting demonstrations and the majority who have seen it and had a full explanation are feeling safe about using it and have in face started collecting from the Pharmaself .

I wil keep you posted on progress and we will be having an open weekend in May and anyone interested can come and get a demonstration and a cuppa

The Cadham Pharmacy Prescription Collection Point

Berni and team cadham x


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Superintendent Pharmacist: Bernadette Brown