Chickenpox Advice on when to return your children back to nursery or school

As chicken pox is doing its rounds in Glenrothes in Fife, Cadham Pharmacy Health Centre is sharing this excellent resource produced by Chester West and Chester Public Health Guide,

This is also a great source of information for you and your families.

Please note that the children should not return to nursery or school until all the spots have crusted over to try and reduce the spread of chicken pox.

Also from a safety point of view a reminder please DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILD IBUPROFEN or brand name is NUROFEN whilst they have chicken pox and this can lead to complications .

Complications form giving ibuprofen

CHICKEN POX Please do not give IBUPROFEN to your child the brand is NUROFEN. There is a small but very real risk that your child can get ill with complications of the rash.

In rare cases it can cause septicaemia as a complication.....

If your child becomes unwell with a temperature NHS advises paracetamol .

For most children chickenpox is a mild infection. You can visit your pharmacist for advice and treatment with a CALAMINE based cream and paracetamol. If the rash becomes infected it is important to see your GP.

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