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Cerumen, commonly referred to as earwax, is an oily wax produced by your ear canal. The ear is covered by this wax from dirt, foreign objects, and microorganisms. Additionally, it shields the ear canal’s skin from water-related discomfort. In typical situations, extra wax naturally makes its way from the canal into the ear hole and is subsequently washed away. Keep reading to find out where to get ear wax removal in Glenrothes.

Earwax removal may become hard and obstruct the ear if your glands produce more of it than is necessary. Accidentally pushing the wax deeper when cleaning your ears can result in a blockage. Wax build-up is a common cause of temporary hearing loss.

When trying to treat ear wax build-up at home, you should use extreme caution. Visit your pharmacist or doctor if the issue persists. In most cases, treatment is fast and painless, and your hearing can be recovered entirely.

What causes earwax buildup?

Some people have the tendency to overproduce earwax. Nevertheless, a blockage isn’t always the result of too much wax. In actuality, at-home cleaning of earwax is the most frequent cause of earwax blockage. Wax can also be pushed deeper into the ear canal by inserting bobby pins, cotton swabs, or other objects, which might result in a blockage.

Wax build-up is also more likely to occur if you wear earbuds frequently. They may unintentionally clog the ear canals and stop earwax from draining.

How do I know if I have an earwax build-up?

Earwax can range in colour from bright yellow to dark brown. Darker colours don’t always mean that an obstruction exists.

Ear wax accumulation symptoms include:

– Temporary hearing loss that is sudden or partial.
– Tinnitus, an ear ringing or buzzing condition.
– A sensation of ear fullness.
– Earache.

It’s essential to remember that there are numerous additional causes of hearing loss, earaches and dizziness. If any of these symptoms persist or are severe, consult your pharmacist or doctor. A thorough medical examination can help identify whether the condition is brought on by too much earwax or something else entirely.

ear health clinic in Glenrothes

Is it necessary to visit an ear health clinic if you suspect a blocked ear?

Not necessarily, it depends on your situation. Never use a cotton bud, your fingers or any other object to clean out an earwax build-up. This may harm your ear and further push the wax deeper.

You can try purchasing eardrops from your nearest pharmacy if the earwax is only slightly bothering you. Your hearing or other problems may first become a little worse after using drops before improving. These can aid in softening earwax so that it naturally falls out.

You can use a variety of eardrops, such as those with sodium bicarbonate, olive oil, or almond oil. However, not everyone can use eardrops, and some of them can cause skin irritation. For instance, if you have a ruptured eardrum, you shouldn’t use eardrops.

Discuss which product is best for you with your pharmacist, and be sure to read the booklet that comes with it.

Preventing ear infections and the accumulation of earwax

Earwax cannot be avoided. It serves to shield your ears from dust and germs. To soften the wax, though, you can continue using eardrops for a number of days. This should let it fall out naturally and avoid blocked ears.

Ear infections, especially inner ear infections brought on by colds and the flu, are sometimes impossible to avoid.

The following will help keep inner ear infections at bay:

– Verify that your child has received all necessary vaccines.
– Keep your child away from smoke-filled areas.
– Try to avoid providing your child with a dummy after they turn 6 months old.

Prevent outer ear infections by doing the following:

– Avoid putting your fingers or cotton wool buds in your ears.
– When swimming, cover your ears with earplugs or a swimming hat.
– When having a bath or shower, try to prevent getting shampoo or water in your ears.
– Address ear-related diseases, including an allergy to a hearing aid or eczema.

How can an ear health clinic in Glenrothes help me?

If you believe you have an outer ear infection, talk to a pharmacist. They may suggest using acidic eardrops to prevent the spread of bacteria or fungus. You can also discuss earwax build-up with them. They can offer suggestions for remedies and advice.

They can also suggest taking medications to get the earwax out. After about a week, the earwax should either fall out naturally or dissolve.

Avoid using drops if you have a perforated eardrum.

ear health clinic in Glenrothes

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