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We are passionate about Health and Wellbeing and we support our GPs and Nurses to provide you with NHS care in your community .

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How much do you use your blue inhaler More than three times a WEEK could mean your asthma is not well controlled !

                                                       NHS FREE Asthma Clinics

Our Pharmacists have years of experience in supporting people to get the right information and tools to take control of their asthma. We are passionate about helping you to understand what you can do and how to manage this lung condition. 

Maree has achieved a Clinical Diploma with respiratory module with Distinction.

Bernie has years of experience helping people to take control their Asthma and understanding when to seek help and how to use their inhalers.

Bernie is a member of the Primary Care Respiratory Association and is part of the Asthma Right Care movement to support people globally and to try and prevent unnecessary and preventable Asthma deaths.





We are proud to be part of the NHS Primary Care Team supported by NHS Fife to provide dedicated time for you when you need it most. We offer a WALK IN clinic or you can easily book online and book out your Pharmacist. We offer personalised care and we hep you to strive to achieve your goals and what is important to you about your Asthma and what you want whether it is being able to walk upstairs with your baby or cycling with your grandchild without getting wheezy.



Our health centre can provide you with Excellence in Pharmaceutical care. 

Pharmacists are the medicines experts in the NHS and we can support your understanding of how to control and manage your asthma with your inhalers and checking regularly how you are managing with your inhaler technique. Supporting you every step of the way to get the right medicines at the right time helping the lungs to be healthier.






We can support you with showing you inhaler technique as part of the NHS service we offer for NHS Fife as Pilot site to support you to get the most from your inhalers and prescribed medication


We offer many ways so that you can see how well controlled your asthma is and this is part of our thorough assessments and Asthma Control Tests.

We have helped many patients now to regain control of asthma and improve their quality of life . 


We can refer you to your asthma clinic for for help you manage your condition and give you regular follow up appointments easy to book online at a time that suits you. 


We offer advice on lifestyle measure you can adapt and continue to improve your breathing and quality of health and life. 

Take control of asthma  and your health with our NHS support .Easy access when you need it most .

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Superintendent Pharmacist: Bernadette Brown