STEP 1 What is CBD?

CBD s a compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s one of over one hundred different cannabinoids that have been identified so far, so-named because they were first discovered in cannabis.


All of our oral oils and topicals contain absolutely no THC.


THC. This is the compound that induces most of the effects typically associated with smoking cannabis, and is found in high amounts in marijuana.



We encourage you to undertake your own research from respected sources in order to get a fuller picture.


CBD as a natural compound that you can safely introduce to your body.  

STEP 2 How do I take  CBD?

Sprays & drops

One of the most popular and widely recognised methods of using CBD are CBD oral oils. This classification covers oral drops and oral sprays, both of which are used to apply a CBD oil underneath your tongue. 

That way it gets into circulation much faster.


That means that topicals definitely have a place in your CBD routine. Our Skin Cream and our Muscle Balm both contain a carefully curated blend of essential oils and skin-care ingredients designed to support the hemp extract. 

STEP 3 What's my dosage of CBD?

Since CBD hasn’t been classified yet, no statement can be made about what dosage is appropriate for a specific purpose. 
Generally we recommend that first-time users begin with a 600ml oil, such as our Oral Spray. Our extensive data shows that user consumption ranges between 20-120mg per day, so we suggest starting at the low end and building yourself up.
Always safe

World Health Organisation made a definitive statement on CBD:

The evidence from well controlled human experimental research indicates that CBD is not associated with abuse potential.

STEP 4 How do I buy CBD?

The vitality range of premium CBD products we stock are  sourced only from sustainable, organic Colorado farms.
We offer consultations to discuss your options in store and discuss with one of our trained team.  


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