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NHS Contracted Pharmacy

CMS (Chronic Medication Service)NHS has been introduced in Scotland  to help you manage your repeats and get the best from your medicines to get you healthy and supporting you to stay healthy.

You register with our pharmacy health centre in order to get the benefits of this additional NHS service and care. It supports keeping you healthy and making repeat medicines management easier for you.We offer as part of these enhanced reviews, assessments for your long term health conditions in Blood pressure, Diabetes,Pain,Skincare,Asthma and COPD.

High Risk Medicines are reviewed to help you understand fully the risks and advice requires with methotrexate, lithium and warfarin. 

Our Highly trained NHS Pharmacists have sound 5 years training and then have years of experience as the NHS medicines experts. 

We invite you to discuss all your medicines and check you understand when and how total them. We offer tests to help you see how well you are doing with your medical condition. 

Once we are all happy that the medicines have been reviewed then we get a serial yearly prescription for you for the medicines that are stable. This means no more worry or having to order your repeats every 8 weeks. 

We will text you every 8 weeks when your repeat medicines are ready to collect. 

We will check every 8 weeks that your medicines are still stable and you require them when you collect working together throughout the year.

At any time during the year you can walk in and ask to discuss your medicines. 

We ask that you tell us if any doses change or any medicines are stopped or started. 

If for any reason you do change how you are taking your medicine you can suspend the serial prescription on a temporary basis after consulting with your pharmacist. 

We have many patients choosing this way of managing their repeats. 

Register today by either popping in or book online for a 20 minute appointment with our dedicated Pharmacists and start working with us supporting you every step of the way to a healthier life.

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