Bernadette pictured here with Maree, Callum, Kirsty and Laura with Innovation Award at the Scottish Pharmacy Awards 2018

Our team has grown over the years, thanks to the support of the people of Glenrothes and surrounding villages.  We employ local people and are delighted that they are all achieving their goals and qualifications. 

Bernadette is an experienced Pharmacist and Independent Prescriber offering many services both NHS and private to help keep you healthy.

Kara achieved a masters with distinction in Pharmacy and also I am very proud to announce that she achieved a distinction in her clinical diploma. Kara is also now qualified in travel health medicine and vaccinations and achived her diploma modules in respiratory including Asthma and COPD. All this at just age 27 and as a proud employer and mum, I am so proud to have Kara on the team. Kara is also our Operations Manager and we would be lost without her expertise and Kara ensures that the medicines are available for you keep you healthy. 

Maree achieved her masters with distinction at Robert Gordon University at the same time as Kara and joined us 2 years ago. Maree has just recently also achieved becoming an Independent Prescriber and as well as achieving her clinical diploma in respiratory medicines including asthma and COPD. Again all this at just 27 years old and we are priveledged and proud to have her ad part of team Cadham.


Laura Brown joined us after attending RGU for 3 years and achieving a bachelors degree in Pharmaceutical Science. She is team leader of the nomad medicines pack and looks after our Robot MAC fondly named after MR Mcintyre who sold us the business in 2013. Laura is an absolute asset to our team and we are all safe in her hands.Laura is also my daughter and i am so proud she has chosen a career pathway at Cadham and is currently studying to become a Registered Pharmacy Technician.

Kirsty has just finished her Pharmacy Degree and I am so proud that she achieved her masters in Pharmacy. She is currently doing her pre registration year and will re join the family business in July 2019.

Pauline is now a team leader of collection and CMS prescriptions and Accuracy checker and will be on the technicians register by January 2018. She has a wealth of experience as a dispenser.


Susan is an experienced dispenser and joined us in 2015 with an abundance of knowledge and experience.


Karen is also an experienced dispenser and is now a team leader of waiting prescriptions.She makes use that people are looked after in a caring and efficient manner.

Cerys is a dispenser and helps to look after MAX our dispensing robot as well as being part of our team. We are delighted to have her on the team and is who will answer the telephone on many occasions.

Ashley Adam has recently joined us and her expertise with our new robots Connie is very appreciated as well as her knowledge of MAX . She is also an expert helping us buy the right medicines for your families. Ashley is a qualified dispenser.


Lorraine is training to become a qualified dispenser and is excelling in her coursework. Lorraine is often seen welcoming the public and is someone we rely on to support you all when we need to contact the surgeries and help you. 


Ashley Rattray has just qualified as a dispenser and we are delighted for her and very proud of this achievement. She is learning new skills this year joining Kara's team for buying the medicines and  is building up her experience as a dispenser. 


Catherine is training to become a dispenser and is often on reception to greet you and make sure you are looked after . Catherine is also building up her dispensing skills and supporting the team and we hope she will qualify in 2019.

Laura McGuire is seen mostly at reception with years of experience and she is a "kent" face in our community.Laura is also training to be a dispenser and hopes to qualify in 2019.


Rachael is a qualified dispenser and we are delighted that she joined Lauras team in the robot room for nomads. Rachael has excelled here and we hope to put her on more courses in 2019.


Ashley Millar joined us in 2014 and she is going from strength to strength. She is currently temporary team leader of the robot room whilst Laura is on maternity leave and is enjoying the challenge and I am very proud of her achievements over the last 4 years. She is currently studying to go on the register of Pharmacy Technicians. 


Tracey is one of our dedicated drivers offering a lifeline in the community. She helps deliver all over Glenrothes and we are so pleased she chose to work with us.

Edith is also one of our dedicated drivers and she works with Tracey making sure everyone who needs their medicines gets them on the right day and when they need them. Again we are so pleased she has joined us.

Tom used to be our driver and now he is studying to become a dispenser and support our team. Tom is often on reception and he is perfect for the job and enjoys caring for the public. He is getting to know a lot of local people now and has moved to Glenrothes to stay with us at Cadham. 

Zoe joined us part time and is an excellent addition to the team. Zoe is a qualified dispenser and we are really pleased to have her on the team.

Suzi has just joined us and is the most recent addition to the Cadham "family"  Suzi has her dispenser qualification and is a great addition to the team.

We are so very proud to serve our Community and hope that this team will continue to support all our families. 

Our mission is that Healthy Happens Here and we will continue to develop our skills and offer services. 

We also want to make your lives easier with your repeat medicines and our robots working with the staff are achieving this with you . Thank you for supporting us and helping us to bring a little bit of the future here for you today to gain the benefits of your Pharmacists and team having more time for you when you need us most.

Kind regards and very best wishes 

Team Cadham x


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Superintendent Pharmacist: Bernadette Brown